Frequently Asked Questions

How does the certification program work?

We offer two certification program options. The Online Career Pro (AIM certification) and the Career Pro (MACTE-accredited). Both programs have 3 components: an online academic course (6-10 months depending on the grade level), a residency (in-person or virtual depending on the program) and a classroom internship (6-9 months depending on the grade level). The Online Career Pro is upgradeable to the Career Pro program.

What is the difference between the Online Career Pro and the Career Pro certification programs?

Both programs have the same online component and a classroom internship. The difference is the Online Career Pro has a virtual residency (40 hours) and the Career Pro has a 3-week, in-person residency (120 hours). At the completion of the Online Career Pro, you will receive an AIM teaching certificate. At the completion of the Career Pro, you will receive an AIM teaching certificate with the MACTE seal.

Do we offer scholarships or financial aid?

Although we do not offer any type of scholarship or financial aid, we offer an affordable interest free payment plan. You can see our payment plans here:

How do you upgrade from one program to another?

Individuals may upgrade by paying the cost difference between the programs as well as a $500 program transfer fee. Email to do this.

What is the difference between the virtual residency and the in-person residency?

The virtual residencies are a series of ten 4-hour clinics conducted monthly. Attendance is encouraged, though not required at these virtual residencies. Students may watch recorded replays to receive credit for those clinics. More Details >

In-person residencies are held during the summer and consist of three weeks of daily classes Monday-Friday.
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Can you enroll in one of our certification programs if you do not live in the United States?

Yes. If you are unable to travel to the United States to attend an in-person residency (required for the MACTE-accredited teaching certificate), the Online Career Pro AIM certification would be a great option for you.

Is the program 100% online?

The Career Pro MACTE-accredited AIM certification program requires a 2-3 week in-person residency. Both the Online Career Pro and Career Pro certification programs require a classroom internship. The Essentials and Career Starter training programs are 100% online.

Question about CAREER STARTER Course

The Career Starter is the initial online academic course that all AIM students must successfully complete in order to move forward with one of our certification programs. You might choose to first enroll in the Career Starter Course if you are uncertain as to your final Montessori goals or if you are not yet able to commit to the tuition obligations of one of the certification courses.

How does the online portion work? Do I need to log in at a certain time or is it self-paced?

You can log in and engage in your online environment anytime 24-7. However written assignments have specific due dates, and students are expected to follow the course units sequentially as they have been organized by the program director. Additionally, there are monthly Zoom meetings with faculty advisers and fellow students.

What topics will be covered in the online academic courses?

Do you need a degree?

The Elementary I and Elementary II certification programs require a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite.

How long does the program take?

The Online Career Pro and Career Pro certification programs can be completed within 18 months, depending on when you enroll. You have 4 years to complete your certification.

Can I complete a certification program I there are no Montessori schools in my area?

The Online Career Pro certification program offers the opportunity to complete a self-directed internship if you have a home-based educational environment.

If I have begun a certification program at another Montessori training center, will the units or classes I have completed transfer to the AIM certification programs?

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Are there any additional costs?

Additional costs include required textbooks as well as travel, food, lodging and required supplies for the in-person residencies (Career Pro Only).

Does my classroom internship need to be approved before I begin a certification program?

It is not necessary to have a classroom internship in place before joining an AIM certification program. Specific information about the requirements for an approved internship will be provided during your training.

Is the internship a paid position?

The classroom internship is completed in an approved Montessori classroom where you are working as a paid employee or as a volunteer.

I am currently working in a Montessori classroom. Can I complete my internship where I teach?

Yes, your internship can be done in the school where you are currently employed. Your internship will need to be in an approved Montessori classroom for the age group which matches the certification program you are enrolled in.

Does AIM help me find an internship?

The first step is finding employment in a Montessori school where you can complete an internship. Our AIM faculty can help guide you as you are searching for an appropriate Montessori school, but we do not find employment for our adult learners or secure internships for them.

Can I do an internship in my home school or daycare?

In some cases, you can complete an internship in a home school or daycare. This will depend on the number of students you have enrolled and whether you have an approved Montessori learning environment.

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