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— How aim supports school leaders

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We aim to make authentic Montessori professional development & certification affordable & accessible for your entire team.

When you enroll 2 or more teachers into our certification courses in a calendar year you automatically benefit from our AIM Advantage program!

Becoming an AIM advantage school gives you exclusive opportunities that will benefit your teachers, and more importantly, the many students you serve.

aim advantage school benefits

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Training & Certification Discounts 

Teacher Enrollment

    2-3 certification courses

    one free AIM Professional Development course or Montessori Classroom Assistant course of your choice with each enrollment.  

    4+ certification courses
    10% discount on tuition.

    10+ certification courses
    contact us for exclusive pricing.

    Discounts apply to students enrolled during the same calendar year 

Access to aim Resources

15% discount on AIM professional development courses 

15% discount on the AIM video seminar library school subscription.  A great deal on unlimited access for your whole staff to over 75 pre-recorded presentations with more added each month.

15% discount on AIM video lesson libraries.  An amazing resource of 380 Montessori lesson demonstrations. 

15% discount on all AIM products.  Abby Astronaut and Royal Road to Reading programs, books & more!


aim Marketing Support

Promotion on the AIM website by listing of school name & website with a clickable logo.

Promotion on social media via likes, comments, & shares.   

Social media and web ready promotional graphics to celebrate our partnership.

Unlimited job postings on our AIM job board.
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Yearly aim Faculty Speaking Engagement

As an exclusive benefit of our partnership, once each year, an AIM faculty member will travel to your school and give a Montessori presentation. This visit will coincide with a field visit to observe members of your faculty and staff enrolled in our AIM Career Pro Certification Course.

This 1-2 hour presentation can be given to your faculty and staff as professional development, or presented as a community event on parenting or other important issues facing your stake holders.

We can work together to design a topic of particular interest to your school community.

*This benefit only applies to schools with a teacher enrolled in our AIM Career Pro Certification Course.
— make a world of difference

global scholarship co-sponsorship

As a non-profit organization, we believe in the power of giving back. By becoming an AIM partner you help us make a world of difference.

Each time a new AIM advantage school enrolls 2 or more students in our Career Pro Certification Course, we will give an individual living in a less advantaged part of the world a $2,000 scholarship towards our Essentials program. Your school will be named and celebrated as a co-sponsor of this scholarship.

Together, we will work towards our mission of delivering the authentic Montessori message to as many teachers and parents as possible around the world.

contact us - we can't wait to collaborate!

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We commend and celebrate AIM Advantage Schools on embracing and working towards an authentic Montessori environment through AIM training, certification, and professional development. Authentic Institute of Montessori is not a school accrediting organization, and cannot endorse the faculty, administration, or curriculum of AIM Advantage schools.

In no event shall Authentic Institute of Montessori be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, negligence, or other tort, arising out of or in connection with AIM Advantage member schools. Authentic Institute of Montessori reserves the right to terminate an AIM Advantage school membership at any time without prior notice.