montessori Reading Curriculum

The Royal Road to Reading

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The path to to confident reading starts here.

This innovative, hands-on reading curriculum blends Montessori pedagogy for use both at home and in classroom settings. The program is structured into three detailed parts, each designed to develop a crucial reading skill.

Included in the package are printable cards and activities that promise hours of educational fun, designed to captivate your child's interest. The online video component offers in-depth explanations for each activity, providing tips on how to conduct these lessons most effectively with your child.

This comprehensive program is crafted to quickly elevate your child's reading ability, setting them on the road to reading success!

Part One

Mind in the Making


The first curriculum booklet and materials focuses on enriching vocabulary and enhancing oral comprehension through engaging stories and hands-on activities.

Part Two

The keys to reading success

Sounds + Letters  

The second portion of the curriculum educates on identifying individual sounds in spoken language—an essential foundational skill for reading. It provides guidance on how parents and teachers can support this learning effectively.

Part Three

Beginning to Read

Words + Sentences  

The final curriculum booklet and materials teach how to link spoken sounds with their corresponding written letters, advancing to combining sounds and letters to form words and sentences.

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Montessori Reading Curriculum

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